Our History

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Trattoria sora lella

The history of a woman and her family

A fascinating story began in the 1940s: that of a woman and her family who, driven by necessity and then by culinary mastery, represented the authenticity of Roman cuisine. Besides the refinement of flavors and aromas, what distinguishes them is the commitment to research and preparation of ingredients, combined to the warm welcome given to customers and the authentic relationship with the city and beyond. only.

Arrival at Isola Tiberina


At the dawn of the new millennium, Trattoria Sora Lella embraces innovation while holding firm to its roots. While it continues to offer classic Roman dishes, it introduces subtle touches of modernity in preparation and presentation to them. This period marks a fusion of the glorious past and a promising future, solidifying the trattoria as an icon of Roman cuisine, beloved by generations of loyal customers.

elena famiglia

The Family

Young and enterprising, we have embraced the value of "respect" for our parents' teachings, determined to carry on an ancient craft with the sound principles passed on by our beloved Nonna Lella. Every dish we serve is the result of sacrifice, dedication and a love that is passed down from generation to generation, turning every meal into an authentic and memorable experience.

We are the third generation to animate the kitchen and hospitality of our restaurant, a tradition that dates back to the 1980s when Mauro and Renato, bringing with them the baggage of dreams and hopes, came to fulfill our father's dream of working with Him. In '89 they were joined by Simone, and in 2006 by Elena, who completed the picture by handling all the accounting tasks with great commitment and welcoming suppliers every morning. Mauro and Renato, started with the work of the dining room, then in '90, Renato moved to the kitchen to manage the demanding work of preparation and Mauro, continues to manage hospitality with Simone and Elena, although every now and then, being a bit naïve, since 2002, he goes to help in the kitchen preparing succulent dishes for us and our guests, always remaining anchored in Dad's teachings.



Renato is the second child, son of Aldo, named in honor of his grandfather (Lella's husband). He began working in the kitchen in 1994, following his passion for gastronomy. Despite the push towards innovative cuisine, he decided to uphold the Roman culinary tradition. He introduced new techniques like sous-vide cooking but always aimed to improve traditional recipes. Renato contributed to revitalizing Trattoria Sora Lella, which experienced great success partly due to the transformation of the surrounding area into a pedestrian zone. His dedication to cooking and family is evident in his recipes, crafted over years of experience. Over the past 15 years, Renato has passionately cultivated his expertise in the world of gelato, conducting field experiments and undertaking in-depth study through books and courses. This journey of growth led him to create excellent-quality gelato at our trattoria and eventually realize the dream of opening a gelateria in Bologna with his partner.


Mauro, Aldo's eldest son, began working in the dining room at the Trattoria at a young age, soon becoming an excellent waiter despite a stormy start with an ice cream accident. After a stint in a dubbing company, he returned to the Trattoria where he works with his grandmother Lella. He has a calm and professional personality, appreciated by customers. Since 2000 she has been working with Renato in the kitchen and for the past 15 years she has cultivated a great passion for photography.



Simone, from a young age, showed a passion for the dining room and managing the wine cellar. He curated the wine selection for the Trattoria, which now boasts around 300 labels (on rotation), mainly focused on regional wines. He inherited from his father a passion for sparkling wines, national wines, and spirits. Simone is described as the generous and empathetic soul of the Trattoria, with a deep connection to the history of his family and the restaurant. He has fond memories of his childhood spent among the tables of the trattoria. His passion for food is evident, with boundless curiosity and a taste for sampling everything that comes his way, even sneaking around during the dish preparations. After 35 years of service, Simone still has a curiosity to discover and appreciate excellent products, which he seeks out with his friends around the region and beyond because, as Simone himself says, "The sacrifice for quality things is always rewarded."


Elena initially declined her father Aldo's offer to join the Trattoria to pursue the career she had studied for. However, in 2006, she accepted to manage the administrative side of the restaurant. She is described as cheerful, protective, and determined person with a strong bond with her family, especially with her grandmother Lella. Elena doesn't enjoy cooking but passionately handles the management of the restaurant. The Trattoria is frequented by numerous celebrities, and reservations are requested well in advance. Elena, with a smile, manages bookings and warmly welcomes guests but also expects the same level of respect in return. The first thing is mutual respect with the guests.


Isola Tiberina

Immersed in the enchanting river landscape of Rome, the Isola Tiberina embodies a unique and evocative atmosphere, steeped in the millennia-old history of the Eternal City. This precious piece of land, suspended between the two branches of the river, bears witness to events dating back to ancient Rome. By crossing the Ponte Fabricio, built in 62 BC and also known as the Bridge of Four Heads, visitors can relive the charm of bygone eras, while the Ponte Cestio, erected in 46 BC, adds a touch of elegance and mystery to the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its rich architectural history, the Isola Tiberina is also home to an ancient hospital, bearing witness to medical care that dates back to Roman times. Adjacent to the hospital stands the majestic Church of San Bartolomeo all'Isola, built in the 10th century, a place of worship that encompasses centuries of devotion and spirituality.

Among the legends and ancient stories surrounding Isola Tiberina is that of the Maiden, an enigmatic figure who, according to popular tradition, inhabited the island and had the power to heal illnesses through the water of the river. Her presence contributes to making the atmosphere of the island even more mysterious and fascinating, enriching the cultural and historical fabric of this magical place.

THE CHURCH OF SAN BARTOLOMEO (Year: 998) The basilica of San Bartolomeo all’Isola, with over a thousand years of history, stands on the Isola Tiberina in Rome, a crucial point between Trastevere and the ancient Jewish quarter. This symbolic location reflects its uniqueness in gathering memories of different worlds, combining faith, art, and history into a single synthesis. Built in 998 to house the remains of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle and Saint Adalbert, it marks a transformation on the Isola Tiberina, a testament to the changes brought about by the rise of Christianity in Rome. The well inside the basilica, dating back to Roman times and associated with miraculous healings, becomes a Christian symbol with an image of Jesus engraved on its marble surface, echoing the Gospel of John.

At the heart of this natural gem, you'll find the renowned Trattoria Sora Lella, an authentic gastronomic paradise known for its traditional cuisine and family warmth. Founded on principles of passion and dedication, Trattoria Sora Lella delights its guests with dishes that narrate centuries of Roman culinary tradition.

Every bite is a journey through time, an experience that celebrates the authentic roots and flavors of local cuisine. But it's not just the food that makes a visit to Sora Lella unforgettable; it's also the welcoming and convivial atmosphere that envelops each table, transforming every meal into a moment of sharing and joy. In this gastronomic oasis, flavors of the past harmoniously blend with the vibrancy of the present, creating an unforgettable experience for all who step through the doors of Trattoria Sora Lella.

Annamo bene

The Book


“Annamo Bene” it's a journey through Roman culture, history, and cuisine, masterfully told by Francesca Romana Barberini and Renato Trabalza (chef and nephew of Sora Lella). This engaging book captures the essence of daily life in the famous Trattoria Sora Lella and its true family, offering a unique perspective on traditional Roman cuisine. Through anecdotes, stories, and recipes passed down through generations, the book transports us into a world of flavors, aromas, and traditions that have made Trattoria Sora Lella an icon of local gastronomy. With compelling and detail-rich writing, Francesca and Renato narrate the profound connection between cuisine, history, and family life, giving us a literary experience that delights the senses and the soul.