Wine Cellar

Our Wine Cellar

In our wine cellar, we house a collection of wines and spirits that tell the story and tradition of Roman and regional winemaking. Each bottle has been carefully selected to ensure a unique tasting experience that pairs perfectly with the flavors of our cuisine. From refined Metodo Classico to exclusive Champagnes, through intense red wines and aromatic whites, our cellar is a sensory journey that enhances every meal, celebrating the art of fine drinking. Come discover our liquid treasures, testament to a passion for quality and excellence.

Vini Bianchi Romani

Roman White Wines

Roman White Wines, perfect for any occasion, with a lively and sparkling character

Vini Romani Rossi

Roman Red Wines

Roman Red Wines, perfect for any occasion, with a strong and bold character.

vini bianchi nazionali

National White Wines

Selected National White Wines: A symphony of aromas and flavors from diverse terroirs.

vini rossi nazionali

National Red Wines

Prestigious National Red Wines: Expression of terroir and tradition, crafted for refined palates.

Spumanti metodo Classico

Spumanti metodo Classico

Exclusive Selection of Classic Sparkling Wines: Effervescent perfection from Rome and its surroundings.



Prestigious Champagnes: Symbols of luxury and celebration, from France with love.

magnum e formati speciali

Magnums and special sizes

Magnums and special formats, to share unforgettable moments in style.

lista dei distillati

List of Spirits

Exclusive Spirits, for a journey through intense and sophisticated flavors.