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Roman Cuisine

In the heart of our trattoria, the kitchen is where Roman tradition comes to life. Each dish tells a story, a memory, a piece of culture that we proudly bring to the table with passion. We use only fresh, seasonal ingredients, carefully selected to ensure the authenticity and taste of our dishes. For generations, our family has preserved and renewed traditional recipes, offering a culinary experience that combines the warmth of home cooking with the sophistication of a classy restaurant. Come and discover the true flavor of Eternal Rome through our unique and delicious dishes.

Summer dishes

  • Homemade potato gnocchi all'amatriciana
    Homemade potato gnocchi all'amatriciana
  • rigatoni con pajata da vitellino da latte
    rigatoni with veal pajata
  • Coda alla vaccinara
    oxtail stewed in tomato sauce
  • pollo alla romana con peperoni in umido
    chicken 'alla romana' with stewed peppers
  • Trippa di vitello alla romana con menta fresca in umido
    veal tripe 'alla romana' stew with fresh mint
  • coniglio verde leprino alla cacciatora
    Rabbit Cacciatora with Green Herbs
  • Er vitello tonnato come piaceva a papà (anni ‘80) con capperi di salina
    Veal in tuna sauce as dad liked it (1980s) with capers from Salina
  • insalata di trippa in bianco (100 pelli) con fagioli d’agr. bio della tuscia
    Tripe salad in white (100 skins) with organic beans from Tuscia
  • coda di vitello alla cacciatora
    Veal oxtail alla cacciatora
  • cesto di verdure estive
    basket of summer vegetables.
  • fiori di cucuzza
    cucuzza blossoms (roman zucchini)
  • frutta di stagione
    seasonal fruit
  • verdura di stagione
    seasonal vegetables


  • Maritozzo Romano con panna fresca
    roman maritozzo with fresh cream
  • Strawberry sorbet flavored with fresh Roman mint
    Strawberry sorbet flavored with fresh Roman mint
  • torta di ricotta romana DOP con visciole di cantiano
    roman ricotta cake with Cantiano sour cherries

"Aesthetics and Flavor"

The plating of our dishes is a true artistic act, where aesthetics and taste merge to create culinary masterpieces. Every detail is designed to enhance the sensory qualities of the dishes: from color to composition, each element is crafted to stimulate the eyes before the palate. The presentation of our dishes is not just an expression of creativity, but also a tribute to the rich culinary tradition of Rome. We believe that food should be a 360-degree experience, where taste, smell, and sight come together to celebrate cuisine in all its aspects. Come and discover how our dishes tell stories of taste and beauty, a perfect blend of form and substance

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maritozzi e gelato

Artisanal Gelato

My Idea of Gelato

It's a cold dessert, suitable for after a meal or even as a snack or a substitute for a meal.

In my opinion, it should be made with top-quality ingredients, consciously, without using semi-finished products, flavorings, or colorings.

Just like with an Amatriciana or a Coda alla Vaccinara, it should evoke emotions, satisfy the palate, and bring happiness to those who eat it.

Renato's gelato is also available in Bologna!

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